Famous Statisticians:-”R. A. Fisher”(1890-1962, British):: ”Karl Pearson”(1857-1936, British):: ”Gertrude Cox”(1900-1978, United States):: ”Frank Yates”(1902-1994, Manchester):: ”John Tukey”(1915-2000, USA):: ”Student (William Sealy Gosset)”(1876-1937, England):: ”George E. P. Box”(1919, UK):: ”David R. Cox”(1949, Maryland):: ”Jerome H. Friedman”(1930, USA):: ”Bradley Efron”(1938, USA):: ”F. N. David”(1909, England)



The objective of the ISOSS website is to share information on various aspects and activities of ISOSS and related organizations. It also provides link to organizations with similar aims and activities.

The website works as a common platform for sharing knowledge and experience with a view to encourage collaborative research and scholarly activities. It is likely to attract interested experts in statistics and other related fields across the globe for purposes of building network and productive initiatives.

ISOSS is open to all scholars interested in the development of statistics and its applications regardless of affiliation, origin, nationality, gender or religion. It particularly encourages statisticians from Islamic Countries to come forward to engage in cutting-edge research and professional development.